Understanding Depression

Discover the steps to deal with
depression and get ahead in life with peace
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Welcome To Understanding Depression Course:

This course provides in-depth information on depression including the history, causes, types of depression and treatment. This information is designed to help you understand and apply the information in a clinical setting.

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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
History of Depression
  • History of Depression
Defining Depression
  • Defining Depression
Identifying Depression
  • Identifying Depression
Understanding Depression
  • Understanding Depression
Treating Depression
  • Treating Depression
Alternative Treatments
  • Alternative Treatment
Final Assessment
  • Final Assessment
  • Untitled Chapter
  • Untitled Chapter

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Learn the fundamentals of how to heal from Depression and start living life again.

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What  this Course Offers.

Describe the history of depression, the causes and treatment.
Define Depression and understand the criteria for diagnosis of different types.
Identify the symptoms of depression.
Understand how CBT is used in treatment of depression.
Recognize misconceptions about depression

Discover the steps to deal with depression and get ahead in life with peace

$997/-   $297/-
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